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since 1985

   My passion to cook came naturally; helping my grandmother prepare Southern Sunday dinners and extravagant holiday meals nurtured my appreciation for the art.  I took pride in helping her with the preparations, such as setting tables, cutting and washing fresh vegetables, cleaning and trimming the meat. 

   I prepared and cooked my first meal at the tender age of 14. I was bubbling with pride as I served my family Stew Beef and Butter Egg Noodles. I can still hear my grandmother calling her best friend and saying, “Dotty, this girl made stew beef; it’s so tender and good.” Since that day, cooking has always brought me joy and excitement.

   When I was 19, and on my own for the first time, I prepared a huge Thanksgiving meal for both sides of my family, a Teriyaki Glazed Turkey and a Cranberry Orange Stuffing without any recipe their response to the different flavors were priceless!

   I embrace diversity; I enjoy cooking Italian, Spanish, Caribbean, American, and Southern cuisine. Taking traditional recipes and making them my own is my claim to fame. I cook with passion and love; it is my greatest reward. As I embark on cooking for an even bigger audience, I welcome the challenge with the same pride and excitement as that 14-year-old girl. I started a catering business about 14 years ago, and I was inconsistent because my family was a priority, and I was a full-time caregiver to my medically Fragile daughter as I still am. When my son turned 18 and turned 50, I decided to put my business and myself first. I knew that since Covid, I needed to come up with something unique that my company could do well and flourish. That’s when I remembered the idea of my Mac and cheese Cupcakes. My confidence came from everyone I can remember who always wanted me to make Mac & Cheese at every event Or family gathering. During the holiday season in 2014, I was cooking dinner, and my sister was baking. She had a muffin pan sitting on the counter, and I asked her, let me see that muffin pan. I will try to make mac & cheese cupcakes, and I did. They came out perfect. I never thought about them again until seven years later; it is now my specialty!

T. Small
Reinventing traditional flavors........
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